Now that you have established a good tension and have practiced splicing your yarn so you can nalbind a longer length of fabric, I want to show you how to join nalbinding into the round, as you will need to do for the hat.

  • FYI - The hat directions I have provided in the last module are for starting at the brim and working toward the crown, or top of the head thru a series of decreases.
  • But just so you know, just as with knitting or crocheting, you can also nalbind a hat from the crown down to the brim. In this case, the nalbinding would start in a circle and you'd work a series of increases to shape the head. Just so you know - that is possible as well. 

So watch this first video to learn how to join in the round and work the second row of nalbinding. This video shows the technique for creating a slightly more "open" or "looser" fabric that has an amazing amount of stretch. Because of the "stretch" in it, it is great for hats and headbands. 

And in the second video, I provide some tips on how to be sure you have the loops oriented properly if you put your project down for a day or two and when you come back to it you're not sure which loop is which!!

And here - if you've put your project down and aren't sure if you are set up properly to get started again.....and also, what to do if toward the end of your length of yarn it starts to "unwind" on you!


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