I put this beginning tutorial together to help anyone who might be interested in learning to nalbind. 

Nalbinding doesn't replace knitting for me, but I enjoy the process a lot and it gives me a chance to channel my Viking past (I figure any of us with ancestry in the British Isles must have some somewhere in our lineage!). Kidding aside, I have enjoyed my trips to Iceland, Norway, Ireland, Sweden and Gotland immensely and so engaging in this ancient craft of the Vikings has a lot to do with the process bringing back great memories of those trips with my sisters.

There are a lot of videos on this ancient craft online - that's how I learned, combined with a LOT of trial and error and a DVD that a sister purchased for me! Because some of the videos were terrible and others were good at what they covered, but they left important things out, I ended up watching an awful lot of videos and had to piece it together. So I thought I would compile what I learned in one place.

And now that we're "sheltering in place" for who-knows-how-long, I thought some of you may be interested in a new distraction from the craziness out there! 

I recommend working thru each "module" in the order they are listed from left to right -  as that will give you context and sequence.


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