The directions provided below are for nalbinding a hat from the bottom brim up to the crown (top of the head), because I think this is easier for a first project.

  • You can also nalbind a hat from the crown down to the brim - go back and view the video under Oslo Stitch that shows how to start in the round if you want to try it this way for your second hat!
There is a whole nomenclature that nalbinding patterns use that I am ignoring here. I figure it's enough to learn the process - why learn a new language at this point!

So I've written the pattern more typically in the style of how a knitting pattern would be written, but substituting "nalbind" for "knit"

First - you need to understand how to read your "gauge". This is important if you want your hat to fit!
Just like in knitting!!

This first video shows you how I read gauge in nalbinding. I have written the hat pattern provided below for a gauge of 16 sts and 10 rows to 5", because that is what I get using Lamb's Pride Bulky.
If your gauge is different, you'll need to adjust the pattern accordingly. It's "knitting 101" so you probably don't need this next handout, but in case some of you are not knitters, I have provided a step by step for how to adjust the pattern below.
  • Here is a pdf handout for how to adjust the pattern if you do NOT have the same gauge as I wrote the pattern for.
The hat directions are for a hat that measures 20" around, which is the correct size for an average woman's head (which, BTW, is 22.5"). In case you didn't know, when choosing a knitting (or nalbound) hat size for a head, it should be about 10% smaller than the actual head you want it to fit.
  Ok  - so watch this video and then check your gauge.

Here's the video on reading gauge, and below it, the pattern instructions for the hat:

Hat Directions:

Set up and work 60 Oslo Stitches

Join in the round, taking care not to twist the first row of stitches!

Work 10 rounds (or 5 inches from the edge) before you start decreasing.

  • if you want a denser hat, pick up a new stitch along with the old stitch PLUS the old stitch on the thumb as I showed in the Oslo Stitch Variation Video
  • if you want a looser stretchier hat, just pick up the new stitch with the old stitch from the thumb

Decrease As follows to shape the crown (remember that directions between ** should be repeated back to the start of the row - if you need/want, place a marker at the beginning of the row so you know when you finish it):

Row 1: *Nalbind 4, nalbind 2 sts together*
  • so on that row, you got rid of 10 sts and now you have 50 sts left
Row 2: nalbind evenly around with no decreases
Row 3: *nalbind 3, nalbind 2 sts together*
  •  you got rid of another 10 sts - you have 40 left
Row 4: *nalbind 2, nalbind 2 sts together *
  •   you got rid of another 10 sts - you have 30 left
 Row 5: *nalbind 1, nalbind 2 sts together*
  •  you got rid of another 10 sts - you have 20 left
 Row 6: *nalbind 2 sts together *
  •   you got rid of another 10 sts - you have 10 left
Row 7: repeat row 6
  •  you got rid of another 10 sts - you have 5 left
Thread/weave remaining yarn thru the last 5 sts and pull to tighten.
Weave in end.

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